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This is the website for MarioandSonic Council! This will have my videos. There will also be a forum so you can talk. This also lists upcoming videos and information about projects. Have fun!




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About The Author

Who is MarioandSonicCouncil??


Travix Man


Mario and Sonic is copyright Nintendo and SEGA. I do not own them! I am using them for entertainment purposes only! DO NOT SELL MY VIDEOS OR I WILL SUE!

About The Forum:Edit


At this forum we like to keep clean around here so there are some rules to follow.

They are:

  1. No foul language. (Things like WTF and censored words like S*** are ok though.)
  2. No flaming!
  3. No inappropriate content!
  4. NO SPAM!
  5. No threats to other people.
  6. Romance is ok, but NOT TOO MUCH WITHOUT PERMISSION!!

Policy on breaking a rule:Edit

If you break a rule this system will follow this system in punishment:

1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: Tell to leave the chat.

3rd Offence: BAN!

Anyways have fun with the forum!!